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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  July 8, 2017 8:30am-9:00am PDT

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>> you are looking at live pictures of air force one. it's on the tarmac. the president soon will board air force one and depart hamburg, germany, back to the united states. he is going back to europe, by the way, for bastille day. he and the french president, surprisingly, has struck up a good relationship and he'll be going back to celebrate then, but meanwhile, he's had a very busy, full trip ending with this meeting with the president of china today. kristin fisher has been following him throughout this trip. she joins us now from hamburg, germany. kristin. >> hey, david. well, this meeting with president xi just wrapped up. it lasted about 90 minutes, about half an hour less than the
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meeting with putin. this meeting was also much bigger than the meeting with the russian president. at that meeting you only had secretary of state rex tillerson along with president trump and a translator. at this meeting with president xi, more seated at the table, including tillerson and the hr director, and jared kushner, wilbur ross and you had the top economic and top military advisors seated as well and that gives you a sense of the top issues discussed. trade and north korea. on north korea, president trump said that something must be done. he had been hoping that china would be able to do something to get north korea to the negotiating table, or at least put some pressure on them. so far that hasn't seemed to happen. on the way over, they tweeted trade between china and north korea had increased by 40% over the first quarter. so, that was a big topic of discussion and then trade. president trump has been trying to level the playing field
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between the two countries and do something about the more than $3 billion trade deficit that the u.s. currently has with china. listen to this. >> trade as you know is a very, very big issue for the united states. over the years it's really been over a long period of time, many things have happened that have will he had to trade imbalances and we are going to-- i know that with china in particular, a great trading partner, we will be able to do something that will be he can quitable and reciprocal. and it may take longer than i'd like, longer than you'd like. >> trade was also a big topic with britain's prime minister theresa may. trump in a meeting with her earlier in the day said they had tremendous talks and they hoped
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to reach a deal quickly. any trade deal would have to be contingent on britain's exit with the eu. listen here. >> we have been working on a trade deal, which is a very, very big deal, powerful for both countries and i think we'll have that done very, very quickly. >> now, today, president trump also met with the leaders of the japan, indonesia and singapore and he also met with the very controversial president of turkey. now, the white house says that he set out for a meeting on the side lines of the summit and that's a big issue on syria, driving throughout the summit, but north korea at the top of the list on the bilateral meetings that president trump has had both yesterday and today. now, as you guys saw on the video, headed in to me, president trump making his way to the airport, about to be
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boarding air force one, headed back to washington d.c., but of course, he's going to be heading right back across the pond in about a week to attend bastille day in france. david: kristin, thank you very much. anti-capitalist protesters at the g20 summit in hamburg, we'll see what's going on. socialist venezuela, why the democrats move to the left is why they keep losing elections. to the white house correspondent aaron joining us now. good to see you, you would think that democrats would want to move more to the center as you see all of the socialist experiments failing, whether on the streets of hamburg or caracas. >> i would not call them democrats. they're extreme left. the violent protesters are just a small portion of all of the-- >> you know what i'm saying, erin.
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the democrats clearly have had a choice to move to the center and avoided that choice in the united states. bernie sanders is an avowed socialist. he has more, sort of polling power, if you will, from the democratic party than a lot of the moderates do. >> he does and there is a faction of the left in this country that obviously supports bernie sanders in some of the policies that he's pushing for, but i would say that most of the democratic party in this country does not really support bernie sanders to the extent that i think he would like. you know, i think there are plenty of democrats who are looking at running in the next election, who don't support the extent of the policies. david: but we've had four elections in the-- since the presidential election, and democrats have lost every single one of them. now, some of their candidates have tried to appeal to the middle, but clearly they're more on the left side of the political spectrum. this move to the left, while it gets a lot of media attention,
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because i've been with the media all my life. the media loves the left wing. a lot of the media are socialists themselves. it doesn't pull votes from the electorate. >> i would not, though, do what-- i think doing a little bit. which is conflate the protesters on the extreme left with suspects in this country who have sought office, who are serving in office. i think they're far, far apart from the kinds of protesters we're seeing in hamburg. david: all right. i don't see many democrats condemning what's going on in the streets of hamburg or caracas. meanwhile, we're waiting for president trump to leave germany, the air force one which he will be arriving on, and many are trying, the turkish president is talking to him
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about syria for a little. as soon as he breaks free, we'll take off for the airport. we've got it all covered here. stay with us.
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>> from day one, i said we're going to repeal and replace obamacare. that's what we're going to do. >> we must honor our promise and repeal obamacare. >> we will continue to work to keep our promise to repeal and replace obamacare. >> we're 100% committed to, as a team, is to repeal and replace obamacare. david: well, the president and republican lawmakers' goal was to repeal and repair obamacare. with the senate bill sidelined the president will have to deal with the health care issue when he returns to the u.s. today. betsy mccoy joins us now. she's the author of "beating obamacare" and she's going to try to explain what's happened. is it conceivable the president coming back with his
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salesmanship power and as we heard mitch mcconnell, the senate leader say in that sound bite. we're all joined and unified in repealing and replacing, it doesn't look like it will happen right now. >> it will happen. it's absolutely essential and the president has made the right proposal which is simply to repeal now, effective in a specific date like august 1st, 2018. that will remove the road blocks to tax cuts. it is absolutely vital to get this economy jump started with tax reform. david: it starts with obamacare because there are a lot of taxes in obamacare. some people, betsy, wonder what senator mcconnell is up to. he recently said if the republican can't get together, he'll deal with democrats. that pathetic white flag statement will cast him his leadership if he continues in that direction. members. senate, members of the house, no, voters elected them to much
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repeal obamacare. we have a republican senate, republican house, republican white house. it must be done. the economy is doing well. but it's buoyed by expectations. that will not last much longer. they have to provide those tax cuts. david: we've heard secretary mnuchin with the president over there, and we saw him in a meeting with china, say specifically, even if obamacare repeal and replace does not get done this year, tax cuts will get done this year. do you think that's possible? >> well, it's possible, but it's a difficult senatosenatorial ma. voters want to know there is no job killing player mandate and no more obamacare taxes. in the interim, the congress can work on a repeal bill that can
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bring them together. david: i just wanted to let the viewers know, you're seeing some helicopters coming, none of those helicopters had the president on board. some of it might have been support staff, but the president, we're told, is just now leaving some of these meetings. of course, his last, most important one, was with president xi. but as soon as we see marine one, that's the tell-tale sign that the president is ready to go. it's all live. the president coming back from overseas, bringing a lot of jobs with him. what he's going to be doing at home to get those jobs going.
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>> a live shot from hamburg, germany. we don't have confirmation that
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this is marine one. we have seen a lot of helicopters come to where air force one is right now in hamburg, germany. with support staff. we've seen them get off the various helicopters, they clearly did not look like marine one. as you can see, there's a whole different look to this particular chopper. of course, they have several choppers that look similar to marine one. part of it is for security reasons and part of it is because there's so many people that went with the president on this particular trip. we'll keep that picture up while we talk about other things, but there is a look at air force one, as you can see, people loading in the back. again, a lot of that is the support staff travelling with the president. well, it's not just what trump is doing in europe to create u.s. jobs. my next guest says it's also what he's not doing back home that keep jobs coming. we bring with us now, former heinz ceo bill johnson. bill, it's fair to say that when you look at what the president
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did in saudi arabia, getting a lot of job commitments from the saudis to come to the united states. what he did in poland and throughout the trip in europe talking about how energy jobs could be created here as a result of displacing some of russia's market share and energy over there, this is a president that's committed to following through on that promise to create more jobs? >> i absolutely agree with that, david. i think he's done two things that i haven't seen in a long time out of an administration in washington. one, he's lifted a lot of regulatory hurdles that impinged on business's ability to invest and create jobs in the united states. and the second is, he's acted like a cheerleader from america. we haven't had a cheerleader since probably ronald reagan and i think those have contribute today an improving environment for the economy and for business and the fact that he's committed to businesses doing better here is very encouraging.
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>> the other thing, we haven't had a real businessman president since harry truman, who had a small shop. as i remember in missouri. the fact is that this guy has been a businessman his whole life. when he talks about jobs, he knows what he's talking about. and when he's talking about what businesses have to invest, he knows what it costs. >> absolutely. despite what you hear from some in press and business, he has a handle what it takes to grow jobs and businesses and he's done a good job investing in businesses and if they can get the tax bill through and i think from a business perspective, despite what you hear from the naysayers. he's the best that business has seen since before reagan and who knows. david: what if he doesn't get
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tax cuts or repeal and replace of obamacare? do you think the economy just muddles along? does it drop as a result of that or what? >> i think there would be a lot of discouragement. and he doesn't get the taxes tloo you and the blame is on the republican party. that does a poor job of supporting this president, and that would be a devastating blow to the economy. i think the obamacare situation is going to muddle along regardless what they do. to me the more important thing is to get the tax cuts through and rewrite the tax code so american businesses aren't suffering on a relative basis from those internationally who pay much lower taxes. david: what do you think of his targeted approach, he began before he was president, before the inauguration, after the election targeting certain businesses and companies to get them to keep their manufacturing plants in the united states and doing it abroad, to get the
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saudi arabians to step up and create jobs here and get european companies to create jobs here, is that valuable or is it just window dressing? >> no, no, i think it's very valuable. as an individual ran a multinational company, it's encouraging to see a president to focus the other way bringing capital back into the country. we haven't had much capital coming into the country except on a relative basis, no one else is doing well for a long time. i think encouraging others to bring capital here and encouraging others to put jobs here. i think the national gas deal they've talked about in poland was brilliant economically and obviously, politically. i think he's doing some good things. i think there are things he does that annoy all of us, but generally from a business perspective i think he's a very good president. david: bill, you're a great businessman and you speak to other great businessmen. when you talk about that and add up the appearance of trump and sometimes his methods are
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ham-handed and sometimes the tweets are out of control. compare that and balance that what he's done in cutting dramatically regulations and bringing jobs back home, how does it balance out for you and for your friends? >> well, i certainly think in my case, in the businesses i chair right now, i think it's been a real boon to what we've done because lifting the regulatory hurdles has been incredibly important to us, and so the impet -- impediments are gone and second thing, his willingness to listen to us, and take heed of some things, whether he agrees or not, has been a benefit. you know, i think the context of what he's doing fp right. sometimes the content, like you said, bothers me a little bit. i think the context of trying to create jobs and improving the american economy and improve lives for fellow americans is a plus versus the last two or three administrations. david: let's talk about the last one. president obama was a consummate
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politician and a political operator par excellence. he knew how to speak eloquently, et cetera. when it came to action, very often his action didn't match his words, and with president trump, it appears to be somewhat the opposite. doesn't it? >> it does to me. i mean, i think that president trump was clearly pro business and pro america. i have questions about whether president obama was pro business. i truly believe in my heart he was pro america, but i truly doubt whether he was pro business. so, i think what we have is a combination of pro business, pro america, pro improving american lives and again, i don't think we've seen that since ronald reagan and i think it's a big plus to this country. david: bill johnson, former heinz ceo. bill, great to see you. >> thank you, david, good to talk to you. david: it was an interesting week for jobs as well. we got a spectacular jobs report on friday, but there is a question whether minimum wage hikes are hurting young workers.
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charlie gasperino is in stanford, connecticut joining us. i need to say for our viewers, we believe that is marine one, the chopper that's bringing the president to air force one. so, we'll keep the picture on. you're not going to miss anything at all eastbound as we go into the 12 hour. but, charlie, the jobs report was basically a pretty good report except there was a small segment, young folks who actually lost some jobs in the jobs report. some people say that was because of all of these minimum wage hikes. what do you think? >> yeah, i mean, listen, it could be connected. here is one thing, i would tell people to read the new york post column by john credle who does a good job unpacking these jobs reports numbers. they're constantly revised up and down. to sort of ascertain some grant turning point in the economy based upon a month of job gains, is dangerous business, it could
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change and be higher or lower. one good thing, yes, it looked like there was weakness on the minimum wage front. on those types of jobs, which, you know, listen, the statistics, and the data on raising the minimum wage is pretty-- it's pretty clear. you raise-- there's a tipping point where you raise too much and people stop hiring on the low end and they see massive economies of scales through other things, such as automation. it pushes businesses toward automation. so people should keep that in mind. i will say this about the jobs report. we're in the seven years of expansion that began after the financial crisis. it was a slow growth expansion. but the fact that we still have growth is testament to something and i think it could be directly related to the fact that you have an administration, at least by rhetoric, because they haven't done it yet, by rhetoric, is preaching more pro growth policy. >> they certainly have done it with regard to the executive order--
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excuse me, charlie. they've done it with regard to the executive regulations that have been removed. charlie, i have to mention for our viewers, we do see the marines at the door of that chopper. that, we assume, is conclusive proof that the man that we see exiting that chopper will be the president, that this is in fact marine one. >> my point. david: you have marine one, go ahead, charlie, finish your points. >> my point was this, that even without the tax cuts and listen, i think the markets will sell off if we don't get the tax cuts. we have an administration that stopped the excessive war on business. stopped the regulation. so, that is a positive right there. david: there is the president getting out of marine one. excuse me, charlie. there is the president. there is the first lady. this is the end of a very successful, i would think, on many fronts, trip. there were arguments between the members of the european community who felt perhaps some
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of his rhetoric were too harsh and upset of his announcing that we are bulge out as a nation of the paris accord, some of his talk on trade bothered them, but generally speaking, again, there was far more get along than get apart. particularly in the first stop, which was in polled. most of the eastern europeans that he met with were very supportive, not only of his specific plan to increase energy exports to eastern europe, but just in general they seem to like his style more than the western europeans did. a lot of protests that turned violent in hamburg, but the summit itself seemed to be apart from the protests and in fact, we had some successful interchanges with people that a lot of folks thought were not going to get along with him. charlie gasperino. i was surprise today see the
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parisian president getting along with him. we never thought that the president trump would get along with the french. >> the parisian president, is that macron? [laughter]. david: macron. >> i just want today make sure there wasn't a separate president of paris. here is the thing. you know, eastern europe is a different animal than western europe and particularly poland. poland embraced a lot of free market policies in recent years and it does have a growing economy. and i think his speech, listen, i criticize donald trump all the time and he says that-- he does some incredibly-- things that i don't agree with. but that speech he gave in poland about western values and civilization. david: quite a speech. it was one of the best speeches i've ever heard from a president. it remind me of tear down this wall. in that vein of tear down this wall. the normandy speech. it was a call to arms about western civilization. david: and you don't have a
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clock in front of you and i do. we see the president and his entourage. and i'll hand it to the crew down in washington. >> this is a fox news alert. you're looking at live pictures, we just saw the president and first lady board air force one in hamburg, germany. shortly afterwards, ivanka, trump and her husband jared kushner. they're headed back to the united states after a very, very busy g20 summit. a lot of highlights coming out of that trip. certainly, we saw quite a few protesters, but we also saw a lot of successful meetings with the president and also some world leaders. a lot of talks about the bilateral meetings that he had with russian president vladimir putin and a meeting that lasted a little more than two hours, so, we're seeing the president re


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